Monday, July 09, 2007

Waitress: Movie

Waitress is the perfect Summer flick. Set in a diner in the South, it revolves around the emotional lives of three waitresses. It has equal parts humor, romance, with plenty of pie and some "spontaneous poetry" thrown in for good measure.

Kerri Russell stars as the main character, a waitress, who creates pies for the diner and often dreams up pies that reflect her emotional state such as Falling-in-love Chocolate Mousse Pie, Mermaid Marshmallow Pie, Kick In The Pants Pie, Peachy Keen Tart and I Hate My Husband Pie. Especially noteworthy is Andy Griffith as a soft-hearted curmudgeon customer and owner of the diner. But really, with the exception of the creepy and controlling husband, all the characters are a pleasure to watch. The movie is so charming you'll likely overlook the predictable plot turns and the stereotypical nature of some of the characters.

Waitress is thoroughly entertaining, sweet and as enjoyable as a slice of you-know-what! Sadly it's not so easy to find a good pie in my neighborhood. I may just have to try making one soon...