Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Favorite Things:Blisscotti

You'll never forget your birthday or your social security number. As long as I live, I will never forget that Tuesday's were hot dog day in elementary school. While not a huge fan of hot dogs, the real appeal of the day was the choice of chips and ice cream.

For years I stuck with Fritos corn chips and an orange creamsicle. At some point I moved on to ice cream sandwiches, before ultimately settling in with fudgesicles. Honestly, I couldn't tell you the last time I had a fudgesicle. But I do remember my last few ice cream sandwiches.

One of my favorites is a local specialty the It's-It. As you would expect from the Bay Area it's a non-conformist treat, made from oatmeal cookies and filled with vanilla, chocolate, cappucino or mint ice cream. But another ice cream sandwich has impressed me as of late, Blisscotti. Sadly, neither did particularly well recently with the tasting panel at the San Francisco Chronice.

"The fifth-ranked Blisscotti ($3.99 for three, Mollie Stone's) was the only non-traditionalist in the top five. Instead of a thin wafer, they feature thick biscotti-style cookies coated in chocolate, sandwiching vanilla ice cream. The panelists all liked the cookies' taste and crunchy texture, but found them so hard to bite through that the filling all gushed out. The ice cream had a strong vanilla flavor. Three panelists might buy these; two wouldn't."

Oh my. Must I now teach the panel how to eat ice cream? I guess I must. Allow the darn thing to soften just a tiny bit before munching into it and you will have no difficulty. And forget about the vanilla one. The chocolate on chocolate and the coffee flavored ones are divine!

You wouldn't think biscotti would pair so well with ice cream, but lo and behold, it does. Blisscotti are the creation of a couple who helped launch the Dove bar, so you know they understand the ice cream and chocolate connection. In fact, the dark chocolate versions of Blisscotti use 65% cacao chocolate. This is a very adult treat but quite delicious and waaaay better than the conventional ice cream sandwich. That's what MY panel* says.

*me and my husband Lee, who by the way, liked the raspberry version best of all

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