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Monday, February 12, 2007

Food Bloggers Wine.Dine.Donate

Back in September I was a guest at a benefit dinner for America's Second Harvest, along with a couple of other local food bloggers. Epicurious put together a wonderful program called Wine.Dine.Donate that encouraged people to attend dinners or put them on.

Sam of Becks & Posh and I wanted to do something with the local food blogger community. But hosting a dinner is difficult when you live in a city apartment. So I suggested that we donate our time at the San Francisco Food Bank and Sam suggested we wine and dine at a local wine bar.

This past Saturday around 30 Bay Area food and wine bloggers showed up at the San Francisco food bank to pack boxes of apples

pack boxes of oranges

and package corn

We packed up over one ton of fresh food. It was hard work but the most satisfying kind, where you know what you are doing is making a difference. Our blogs often focus on the pleasures of food, so it was good to spend a little time focusing on something to benefit those who do without.

And the reception?

Wonderful! At Yield wine bar Sam poured mostly organic and bio-dynamic wines. There was a generous donation of charcuterie from both the Fatted Calf and Fra' Mani, McQuade's Chutney donated three delicious chutneys and Poco Dolce donated lucious chocolates. The cheeses were a donation from Sam and me, to round things out a bit.

A big thanks to everyone who wined, dined and donated and to Epicurious editor Tanya Steel who inspired us. I look forward to the next time!

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