Friday, February 09, 2007

Five Things About Me

The last post was a little tooting of my own horn. I wanted to share some things that I've been doing that have to do with my food writing. But now, thanks to my pal Pim of Chez Pim who has tagged me with the latest meme, I share with you Five Things About Me that you probably don't know and that have nothing much to do with anything. Considering how much I have already shared--my love of noodles, crush on Jacques Pepin, etc. it's hard to imagine I have any secrets left...but I do!

1. I once served orange juice to the Queen of Norway. Really. Are you impressed? Don't be! Queen Sonja was visiting the United States several years ago and being an art enthusiast she requested a tour of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was volunteering with the museum at the time and was asked to serve refreshments. My other brushes with fame? I went to high school with Mayor Gavin Newsom. More exciting than that? I met Joe Strummer backstage at the Fillmore and Nigella Lawson once gave me a whisk (I even saved the box with her autograph on it).

2. My pantry is overflowing with bottles of sweet things like jam, chocolate sauce, and honey. In case of an earthquake I may run out of bottled water but I will have plenty of stuff to spoon over my rapidly melting ice cream.

3. I considered going to culinary school when I graduated from high school. I'm actually glad I went to college instead. I prefer being a home cook. I think cooking professionally might take the fun out of it for me. It sure did when I helped out on a couple of catering gigs.

4. I hate driving. Don't ask me why, I just do. If I could be driven around by a chauffeur I would be very happy. Not environmentally correct, but true. To make matters even worse, my husband doesn't even have a drivers license! Fortunately I live in a great neighborhood and city for walking.

5. I can't eat steamed lobster, crab, dates or fresh pineapple. Food sensitivities suck.

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