Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Valentine's Day Prize & Ways to Celebrate

Valentine's Day prize
Wondering exactly what is in the Valentine's Day prize package?
A set of adorable heart measuring cups, 2 heart cookie cutters, 6 Valentine's Day cupcake stencils, 2 Valentine's Day placemats, 3 Crayola size 7 paintbrushes, McCormick red food color, McCormick pure vanilla extract, a set of 50 mini Valentine cupcake papers that can also be used for muffins, candies or nuts plus menus, recipes, tips and craft ideas.

Here are some highlights of entries so far....

I would love to spend some alone time with my husband.
If some chocolate and prosecco happened to be included, I would not mind that in the least.

Lori Lynn
Fantasy Valentine's Day:
Fly to Paris for a long weekend: Breakfast at Laduree, Lunch at Nomiya, Dinner at Le Cinq, take a cooking class, and shop for kitchen wares.

I'm thinking pizza with fresh mozarella and prosciutto, orange and fennel salad, and flourless chocolate cookies for dessert - all in front of fire with my honey.

Even though I have a significant other, my ideal Valentine's would involve a small gathering of friends and family. My favorite Valentine's Day so far was spent with my cousin and a couple friends at my apartment. We baked dainty pink cakes and invented a drink to celebrate the occasion (vodka and soda water with rosewater, a maraschino cherry, and a splash of maraschino cherry juice).

An ideal valentine's day would go something like this: My 16 month old daughter would go to sleep extra early so my husband and I could share some quality time over a fabulous steak and ridiculously rich chocolate desert (perferably one that involved stawberries as well). We would eat, talk, drink wine, watch a romantic movie and then get an amazing nights sleep with a baby that does NOT wake up at 5am.

I would love to have a breakfast with my husband and I at a local breakfast eatery. Then the two of us read the Sunday paper and go to the gym. But what I really want is just to have a dinner where the two of us do not have to do any of the work (go out) and share a movie afterwards. Valentine's Day is the day we became engaged.

Tuesday Jane
I really enjoy preparing a special dinner in. And watching movies from our early dating days.

On Valentine's Day, I love to make my family chocolate mousse for dessert. For dinner I would make one of their favorites - chicken parm, rice pilaf and a salad. This Valentine's Day, I will make the mousse for my family, but my son and I will be serving meat loaf and mashed potatoes to the homeless.

I would love a day in Seattle with my hubby, just walking around, enjoying Pike's Place market, and eating great food. Dinner would be at Quinn's on Capital Hill

Valentine's Day - for the past couple of years my kids (9 & 11) have wanted to be part of our celebration. They help make heart shaped pancakes, cookies, and brownies! We plan a fun dinner together and top it off with homemade chocolates. My husband and I plan our romantic night for the 13th or 15th. The kids love celebrating Valentine's Day as a family! We'll see how long that lasts, but for now I'm enjoying our celebration together!

I would love a brunch together, either at a restaurant or at home. If at home, then I could prepare my husband a steak and eggs (his favorite) while I dined on a lovely spinach and mushroom omelette. Of course, bellinis and coffee would have to be included. Yum.

We're celebrating with Chinese food because it's my husband's favorite and it's Chinese New Year.

If you'd like to receive Valentine’s Day prize package, leave me a comment on the previous post, and share your ideal Valentine's Day celebration. You must have a US address to win. One entry per person and valid email address (entries must include your email address so I can contact the winner). I will edit out your email address after the contest concludes. Contest ends tomorrow, Wednesday February 10th, 2010.

Good Luck & Happy Valentine's Day!