Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Day Giveaway

McCormick kit
Is Valentine's Day a silly holiday? Sure it is, but any excuse for being romantic or showing your love is a good thing. Spending a lot on dinner, flowers, perfume or candy on Valentine's Day is showy, and not very original. I actually prefer something homemade or just a little bit unusual or unique. To me, going out of your way says "special" and really, that's what everyone wants anyway, to feel special.

This year I will be out of town for Valentine's Day so while I won't be cooking dinner that night, my honey will enjoy something baked from scratch with love. Would your special someone appreciate strawberry cupcakes, shortbread cookies or brownies? Feel free to use my recipes or your own.
cupcakes, brownies and shortbread cookies

If you are not inclined to cook or bake, I think a customized chocolate bar is a really fun idea. I recently got a chance to try Chocri, which allows you to pick from white, milk or dark chocolate and then add any number of flavors and toppings. I made a milk chocolate bar with hazelnut brittle, sea salt, rice crispies and black sesame seeds, a white chocolate bar with raspberry, strawberry, ginger and orange pepper and a dark chocolate bar with orange, orange chocolate drops and bourbon vanilla. While it's too late to have a bar delivered by Valentine's Day, you could give a gift certificate.
Chocri customized chocolate bars

If you'd like to receive a kit that includes a Valentine’s Day menu, recipes, tips, products, baking tools, decorations and craft ideas from McCormick, leave me a comment and share your ideal Valentine's Day celebration. You must have a US address to win. One entry per person and valid email address (entries must include your email address so I can contact the winner). I will edit out your email address after the contest concludes next week. Contest ends Wednesday February 10th, 2010.

Need some more inspiration? Here are some more romantic ideas and my recipe for chocolate fondue.