Friday, July 13, 2007

Breakfast of Champions!

spaghetti, leftovers for breakfast
I know what you're probably thinking. Leftover spaghetti is NOT breakfast food. But it is for me! I get bored eating only traditional American fare like eggs, cereal, pancakes and waffles.

According to my research, leftover spaghetti is not a traditional breakfast food anywhere. But reading the breakfast article over at Wikipedia I found out about amazing breakfasts from all around the world (photos too!). Some of the most memorable breakfasts I've had in other countries include a traditional Turkish breakfast that featured tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and olives and an enormous smoked seafood buffet in Finland, although that may be more indicative of hotel breakfast food than what the average Finn eats.

I also find comfort in the simple French breakfast of a baguette, butter, jam or croissant, and hot chocolate. Lee's favorite is a British breakfast and he likes Asian breakfasts too. In general I am not crazy about most traditional Chinese and Japanese breakfasts, but Indian breakfasts with breads and chutney sound very appealing to me...

How about you? Do you eat anything unconventional for your first meal of the day? Do you have a favorite traditional breakfast from a foreign country?