Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Contest Conclusion

Here are the answers to the September Culinary Quiz:

1. In "The Omelette Show" an episode of The French Chef with Julia Child, which of the following does Julia NOT use to demonstrate beating eggs?

A. whisk
B. chopsticks
C. fork

2. A charming blogger who lives in Paris recently gave me a gift of Maille mustard, which flavor was it?

A. Bleu (blue cheese)
B. Fines Herbes (fine herbs)
C. Fruits rouges (red berries)

3. Which blogger is associated with the cookbook shelf pictured below?

A. Nicky of Delicious Days
B. Tschörda of Dinner for One
C. Johanna of The Passionate Cook

4. A popular Spanish dish served at weddings, Gallina en Pepitoria, hen in almond sauce, has its origins in which region of Spain?

A. Aragon
B. Catalonia
C. Valencia

5. Who said "It's all about chocolate, isn't it? Use second-rate chocolate, get second-rate mousse."

A. Jacques Pepin
B. Anthony Bourdain
C. Maida Heatter

Since no one guessed all the answers I am awarding Ellen the prize because she got all but one right! She will be getting The Gourmet Potluck in the mail shortly. I promise to make the next contest easier!