Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cookies, anyone?

Take one part improv, a lot of monologue, a pinch or two of dialogue and a healthy dose of comedy and mix it up with one hip solo performer and what do you get? One smart cookie!

Heather Gold's one woman show, "I Look Like An Egg, But I Identify As A Cookie" follows a recipe of sorts, the wet, the dry, the mixing, forming and baking, each of which relate to a part of her history and identity.

Proving that women are the ultimate multi-taskers, Heather actually bakes cookies on stage while sharing her adventures through many life changing experiences and nothing is off limits--growing up Jewish in Canada, enduring law school, her dot com escapades, even her sexual experiences. It's a tasty performance that ends with a cozy cookie party for the audience and performer alike.

Cooking with Amy, live onstage? Well, yes! I am excited to be the special guest for the April 3rd performance at the Hotel Rex. I join the ranks of other illustrious guests, such as writer Beth Lisick, Citizen Cake's Elizabeth Falkner, Cowgirl Creamery co-founder Peggy Smith and musician Lynee Breedlove. For discount tickets, click here. I hope you'll come and if you do, please stick around for cookies and a chat after the show.

I Look Like An Egg, But I Identify As A Cookie
Hotel Rex in Union Sq. 562 Sutter near Powell St
Sundays March 27th & 28th
Every Sunday and Monday in April, except the 11th (3,4,10,17,18,24,25)
Doors open 7:30, show at 8 pm

Discount tickets available for April 3
General admission tickets avilable at subvert and brown paper tickets
or call 1-800-838-3006