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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dungeness Crab Season & Giveaway!

I’ll admit it. I’m feeling a little bit crabby. Fortunately after a closure last year, this year, crab season has already opened and I can be as crabby as I like! I spoke with Chris Lam the president and CEO of Pucci Foods, a leading seafood distributor, about the season. 

How’s the Dungeness crab season looking? 
Crab season started out on time, looking promising, Fish and Wildlife have done the testing, and so we are quite excited, especially since it’s traditional for the holidays in the Bay Area. We have a lot of crabs. This year we’ve been getting heavy crabs full of meat. 

How is the supply, are they sustainable?
We have the supply because of sustainable programs. You are only allowed to fish for the males and a minimum size, allowing the females and juveniles to reproduce. 

How long will the season last? 
Into the first quarter of next year. As areas open up, in Oregon and Washington we will see even more availability after December 1. 

How's the pricing?
This year we anticipate it to be much better, probably 15-20% below last year. But it depends on the retailers. It might range from $5.99-8.99 maybe some even more aggressive. It pays to shop around.

Why purchase crab online?
We created a direct-to-consumer option through Daily Fresh Fish where we can send it anywhere. We are global food safety certified which guarantees the quality of the product. In Northern California the technology allows us to get the product to you 3 days fresher than if you bought it at the store. Instead of going through a distributor and retailer it goes directly to you. You have to keep it below 40 degrees. Eat it as soon as possible, but you will get 2-3 more days than if you bought it from another retailer. 


Daily Fresh Fish is offering two cooked, cracked and cleaned crabs to one lucky reader anywhere in continental US. Leave me a comment about your favorite way to eat fresh cracked Dungeness crab and I will choose the winner at random on Monday November 28, 2016. You must leave your email address in the comment form so I can contact you. Do not leave it in the body of the comment. 

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this or any other post. I have received product from Daily Fresh Fish.