Friday, October 18, 2013

Cookware Reviews and Giveaway

I'm always happy to try out new cookware, mostly because the options just keeps getting better and better. Looking for the latest nonstick? An alternative to nonstick? A great steamer? It's all here. 

Imagine the perfect non stick pan. It would be made without harmful chemicals, you could use it with high heat, it would be oven safe, you could use metal utensils with it and put it in the dishwasher. Voila! Meet the newest non-stick from Calphalon, available only at Williams-Sonoma. It's called Calphalon Elite Nonstick and was designed to allow you to develop a good sear thanks to a specially designed textured surface. It is PFOA free and utilizes a hard-anodized aluminum for heat conduction and consistency. It's basically the latest and greatest in non-stick cookware. While you can use metal utensils like spatulas, spoons and whisks, you still shouldn't use forks or knives in the pan. I use non-stick pans for eggs and some sautéing so I think a frying pan is your best bet if you're not looking for a whole set of cookware. Scroll down to find out how you can win a 10-inch fry pan ($150 MSRP). 

Another brand of cookware that's new to me is "ManPans." This cookware is eco-friendly meaning no PTFE, no PFOA nor any other petrochemicals are used in producing them, but what truly sets these pans apart is how amazingly light they are, and their "flavor neutral" quality. They were designed specifically to not change the flavor of anything cooked in them. I'm not sure that I taste a metallic flavor when I cook in other pans, but many chefs reportedly do.  The cookware is heat resistant up to 700 degrees and you can use metal utensils with them. They are non dishwasher safe. While not technically "non-stick" (which means there's no coating on the surface of the pans to flake or chip) I found that the pan I used releases food nicely and is very easy to clean, in addition to being a good conductor of heat. 

I particularly like the design of the ManPans steamer insert. It's 10 inches wide and allows me to very efficiently steam a large amount of greens at one time.

Speaking of steaming, if you have Anolon brand pots and pans, you'll love this cool new Anolon Universal Steamer insert, designed to fit multiple size tulip-shaped and straight-sided saucepans, including 2 quart, 3 quart and 4 quart capacities. It fits my Anolon pans perfectly, but does not fit all non-Anolon pans. 


I'm giving away one 10-inch Calphalon Elite nonstick pan ($150 MSRP), courtesy of Calphalon and Williams Sonoma. To win the pan, simply leave me a comment and tell me something about your favorite piece of cookware. For example, how long have you had it? Where did it come from or what do you use it for? Or post a picture! That's all! In order to win you must have a valid US address and include your email in the proper field (it will only be visible to me).  Contest winner will be drawn at random, and the contest ends Friday October 25th at 9 am PST.

Disclaimer: Cookware review samples were provided by the manufacturers, I was not paid to write this or any other post on Cooking with Amy.