Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chef Marc Forgione & Chef Michelle Bernstein Cooking Demo

The America's Cup has come to town, and that doesn't just mean sailing, but also parties. And chefs. And plenty of food and drink. Nespesso is one of the sponsors and they have been hosting some very exclusive events. I've not been invited to anything by Nespresso, but I did get a chance to catch a demo with two chefs who were flown into town for a Nespresso event. 

I've been a big fan of Michelle Bernstein ever since I dined at her restaurant Michy's in Miami. Marc Forgione is also on my radar, though I have yet to make it to any of his restaurants, they are definitely on my list to try. Both chefs are also part of Macy's Culinary Council so naturally they did a demo at Macy's using Nespresso coffee, of course. 

Forgione, inspired by the classic Reuben sandwich, created a dish of swordfish, fennel kraut/slaw, grain mustard, coffee and wild juniper smoke. He used Nespresso Rosabaya coffee in his spice rub with cumin, black pepper, chili and kosher salt. For the demo Forgione skipped the smoking but cured the fish then seared it. 

Here are some tips from Forgione:

1. Use fresh juniper in a smoker to add flavor
2. Chill dry rubbed fish in the fridge, but keep it uncovered to allow the surface to dry
3. Can't or don't want to use swordfish? Use sushi grade tuna or any other sushi grade firm fish for smoking or curing and searing. 
4. "Cook YOUR food" says Forgione, take recipes and add what you want, make it your own. Don't let a chef or a recipe boss you around. 

Chef Bernstein admitted to being a bit out of her element when it came to the dish she prepared, because it was dessert. Not being a pastry chef, she did manage to put her own spin on the chocolate dish by adding chorizo. Bernstein loves chorizo, and chorizo fat in particular. Her dish was inspired by a sandwich too, a toasted bread, chocolate and chorizo sandwich she had in the Basque region of Spain. 

How else does Bernstein recommend using chorizo fat?

1. For cooking spanish tortillas 
2. For cooking potatoes
3. For cooking fish
4. In cremeux, a vey rich chocolate mousse

If I can find the recipes online, I will share them! In the meantime, here is a link to recipes from the Macy's Culinary Council chefs

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