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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food Graters review

Food graters are one of the most imperfect kitchen tools. They can be dangerous when sharp and even more dangerous (not to mention less effective) over time when they get dull, they take up a lot of room and they are generally a pain to wash. I use my Cuisinart for grating some times, but it's too much bother to clean for small jobs and I don't have a disc for very fine grating. I use a Microplane premium zester for zesting and the Chef'n dual grater and that combination pretty much covers most grating jobs. 
Years ago I had a Rubbermaid fold away grater and pardon the pun, but it was great. It folded flat, had very large grating panels and was very sharp. Over the years it grew dull and unfortunately Rubbermaid discontinued the product.
Now Zyliss has a very similar product. I was a bit leery because the grating panels were smaller, but it works like a dream, quickly grating cheese and vegetables. What I like best about the Zyliss food grater is how sharp it is, and that it folds up nicely, although it doesn't fold nearly as flat as the Rubbermaid model did. 
It has a cover which I'm not sure it really necessary. The Rubbermaid model didn't have one and I didn't find it needed it. It's also pretty expensive at $24.99 which is more than the cost of the Chef'n dual grater and Microplane zester combined. If you have very little space and really prefer a box grater, I think it's a good solution. Personally I still prefer my Chef'n dual grater best for price, size and how easy it is to clean.  

Disclaimer: I received the Zyliss product as part of a promotion from GigaSavvy, I also received the Rubbermaid and Microplane products as gifts, I purchased the Chef'n dual grater. This post includes Amazon affiliate links