Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free lunch in San Francisco (for the next 48 hours)

Thanks to smartphone apps you can now get through security and into your seat on a plane, book a hotel room, deposit checks, find a parking spot and even buy lunch. And today if you live or work in San Francisco and have a smartphone, I am buying you lunch, courtesy of GoPago.

GoPago recently launched a free mobile app that lets you order and pay for food and drinks using your smartphone (iPhone or Android). Browse for restaurants in San Francisco, order your meal online, pay securely using a credit card, then skip the line and the hassle of handling cash. When you waltz into the restaurant, just flash the receipt on your phone, and you're good to go.

Download the free app (iPhone or Android), use the code AmazingAmy and get $10 credit good for lunch (or breakfast or dinner). And no, I didn't choose the code. GoPago did. But I am very happy to share it. The code is good for $10 in credit and is only available for 48 hours so check it out ASAP.

The roster of restaurants in San Francisco is growing and growing. I took a peek at the current list and there are several places that I particularly like--Sellers Markets, Helmand Palace, Tropisueno, Green Chile Kitchen, Henry's Hunan, Osha Thai and Mehfil--lots of spots that are perfect for lunch downtown and a few in outlying areas as well. Please feel free to share this code and enjoy your lunch!