Monday, February 20, 2012

In Organic We Trust

In Organic We Trust trailer

What do terms like “organic” and “natural” mean? Are they marketing terms or something more? The documentary “In Organic We Trust,” begins by taking a deeper dive into what the public thinks organic is all about and also how big corporations are getting in on the act. Through a very Morgan Spurlock style film with animations and interviews, filmmaker Kip Pastor raises as many questions as he answers.

While we might want to believe that organic produce is healthier, the film refers to research that shows, that's just not the case. And it turns out pesticides are often organic. Yet the numbers are climbing when it comes to organic consumption in America. At the root of the film is the question--is organic a philosophy? If so, what is it?

The interviews with government critics, educators, farmers and food entrepreneurs are illuminating, but I wish the film had gone further into the philosophy that is the underpinning of organic, a philosophy of taking care of the earth, sustainability, etc. At many times the very reasons for organic seem at odd with the heavily processed unhealthy organic food that is being pumped out by big companies.

Is organic part of the solution, along with eating locally, and better labeling? How do we encourage better food policy? There are no easy answers. We will just have to stay tuned as the story progresses...

In Organic We Trust will be available on DVD and shows at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival February 23, 2012.