Friday, October 02, 2009

Why do YOU cook, Matthew Amster-Burton?

Matthew Amster-Burton

Photo credit: Lara Ferroni

Matthew Amster-Burton doesn't post photos and doesn't blog all that often, but his writing at Roots and Grubs is enlightening, honest and often very funny. He's a dad who cooks which is somewhat rare in the food blogging world. In addition to his blog he wrote the laugh-out-loud funny book Hungry Monkey and you can frequently find his writing online at Gourmet, Culinate, and the Seattle Times. His writing has also been featured in various editions of the annual anthology, Best Food Writing.

"I cook because I like chopping vegetables.

Because my family appreciates it.

Because my kitchen was the only place in my neighborhood to get a Korean taco until, inevitably, a Korean taco truck arrived.

Because nobody minds if I drink beer while I do it.

Because I like playing with gadgets and shiny objects.

Because a new favorite dinner is worth a dozen unsuccessful attempts."