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Monday, August 10, 2009

Interview with Nora Ephron

Julie & Julia

Have you gone to see Julie & Julia yet? I saw it in a preview screening, but I'm eager to see it again, especially for all the Julia Child scenes and all the food. While I missed out on an exclusive interview opportunity with the stars of the film due to technical difficulties, I did get to squeeze in a couple of questions via email to the director and writer, Nora Ephron.

I heard you had the actors participate in a cooking class, what was the goal? How was the experience?

Both Amy and Meryl did a little knife work and we all learned to bone ducks, something I promise you none of us will ever do again, especially me.

The food in the film was so compelling and sensual. What are some of the challenges associated with directing/shooting scenes with food?

Of course it helps to like food, but it was especially great that my cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt understood how important food was as a character in the movie.  We wanted to food to look homey, but we also wanted it lit beautifully.

Do you read food blogs? Do you like them?

I love food blogs.  Love Ed Levine's Serious Eats, and Chowhound, and of course my sister Amy Ephron's One For the Table.

What appealed to you most about Julie Powell? And about Julie Child? What is their relevancy for today?

I loved the idea of combining their stories, in part because it was a way of writing about what books are and what cooking is ... a way to communicate through the ages.