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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Little Pots & Pans Tarts: Product Review

Little Pots & Pans tart
To cook or not to cook? THAT is the question. Of course, I love to cook. For me, cooking is a creative outlet, a way to share, to experiment and at least partly how I make a living. I also think it's a great skill everyone should know how to do. But I recognize that some people don't enjoy cooking and don't want to cook. I mention this because this past weekend an op ed piece in the New York Times took Michelle Obama to task for saying that she prefers not to cook, if given a choice.

I understand the need for a strong advocate for home cooking, really, I do. But we all get weary of cooking sometimes and if I was Michelle Obama I can imagine having other priorities. Which brings me to the savory tarts from Little Pots and Pans. Thanks to my friends over at Foodzie, I got to try a selection of their terrific pastries.

I have a hard enough time struggling with pastry dough so I was amazed at how crisp, light and flaky the crust was on each of the tarts I tried. The fillings range from a traditional spinach and feta combo to vegan indian curry and my favorite, the roasted tomato, caramelized onion and goat cheese. They heat up quickly in the oven, have a good balance of crust to filling, and delectable seasonings. In short, they are one of the tastiest prepared foods I've tried in a long time. Believe me, a lot of products I try never get a mention.

If I was better at making pie crusts I might consider making something like these pies, but actually I'm happy to let someone else do the cooking now and again.