Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Linkage

* Over at Epicurious you'll find links to my posts about culinary conquests, my favorite foodie newsletters and specialized recipe search engines.

* If you enjoyed my Fennel Shrimp recipe, you might want to check out the Tasty Pernod Recipes post on Glam Dish.

* Also on Glam Dish is my interview with Hari Nayak, chef and author of Modern Indian Cooking. Hari provided some great ideas for using this season's citrus fruit in new ways.

* Curious about absinthe? I was, and Steve Hoffman the beverage manager at the St Regis filled me in and answered all my pesky questions in this all about absinthe post. He also provided an absinthe cocktail recipe you might want to try.

* Over at KQED is my review of Bake Until Bubbly and reprint of a classic macaroni and cheese recipe. Gotta love that title!

* Last but not least, I was interviewed on a new blog, called "I'm Going to Be..." It was fun and I got to reveal a little known fact or two. Don't miss the other interviews, including one with local pastry chef Marisa Churchill (you might remember her as a contestant on Top Chef). There are also interviews with a skydiver, a webmaster and a painter.