Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Gift Guide--Fun Stuff

Last year I posted one all-purpose holiday gift guide. This year I am going to give you several gift guides. One for fun foodie gifts, a chocolate guide, a guide to my picks for classic and luxury gifts and finally a book guide. Today the fun stuff! I've tried to choose some things that are a bit out of the ordinary, I hope you like them.

onion goggles
How could I forget one of my favorite films of the year? Ratatouille on DVD has the added bonus of an interview segment with producer Brad Bird and chef Thomas Keller. Learn about the creative process from two masters.

onion goggles
I've been known to slip on my sunglasses when chopping a lot of onions, but onion goggles are much better.

bacon toothpicksbacon bandage
Bacon, bacon, bacon! I'm still waiting for someone to get me a gift subscription to the famous bacon-of-the-month club but in the meantime I can settle for bacon novelty gifts. Since no actual pigs were harmed, it's possible even vegetarians will like these gifts. Bacon-flavored toothpicks, bacon bandages, bacon mints. Ok, maybe not the mints.

foodie fight
Foodie Fight is a trivia game that I reviewed earlier this year. It's not edible, but it is fun for foodies.

chewy peps
Route 29 Napa makes tasty retro candies that are packaged in tins you'll want to keep. The Chewy Peps are my personal favorite. They are less expensive if you buy them bulk or in a bag.

dessert excuse plates
Dessert excuses, "Oh no, I couldn't" and "OK, just a sliver" or the classic, "Have another, they're small" are now available emblazoned on plates. Dessert excuse plates, of course!

yum yum dish
I discovered Yum Yum dishes in Asheville, North Carolina. They really help you control portions of snacks or dessert in a fun way. Enjoy 4 ounces of a treat at a time. No sneaking back for refills!