Monday, September 10, 2007

Quiz Answers

Morimoto Japanese Cookbook

Finally! We have some winners of Morimoto The New Art of Japanese Cooking. Congratulations to Tim, Shiree, Arlene, Julie and Melinda. Most of the answers were in an article in the September 2004 issue of Food & Wine magazine.

Here are the answers
1. According to Morimoto, in order for there to be creativity in the kitchen the chef must be_____ and _____
A. Relaxed and have fun
B. Focused and pay attention to detail

2. Which of the following is NOT featured in Morimoto The New Art of Japanese Cooking?
A. Frozen lettuce
B. Chocolate covered asparagus
C. Squid strawberry candy
D. Tofu souffle

3. In a magazine article Morimoto said "I keep cooked rice in my freezer and microwave it when I need it." To which Rachael Ray responded:
A. Wow, that just changed my life. I'm going to go home and start freezing my rice.
B. We have that in common, I do the same thing all the time!

4. Where can you find an instructional sushi video featuring Morimoto?
A. StarChefs
B. Epicurious See the video here and read the accompanying Q&A here
C. Culinary Institute of America

5. Morimoto once said "Sake makes everything more _____"
A. Tender
B. Sweet
C. Juicy

6. Who said "Morimoto is a rock star"
A. Mario Batali
B. Anthony Bourdain this is on the back cover of the book
C. Ferran Adria

7. According to Morimoto "For appetizers I top toast with fresh sardines and panko and bake it until the topping is crispy"
False Morimoto uses canned not fresh sardines in this quick recipe