Monday, July 02, 2007

Posts for Your Pleasure

I'm sorry. I'm just too darned obsessed with my new iPhone to post anything original right now. I have been surfing the web however, on my new iPhone, and came across some posts you really should read.

Pocket Farm has announced One Local Summer. This is very cool and I'm sorry I didn't hear about it earlier. The idea is to prepare one local meal each week of the Summer. I know I've been critical of the whole eating local thing in the past, but to me, this is totally doable and a really interesting experiment/habit. You can check out what meals look like regionally on the One Local Summer blog.

Are you sick of posts about dining at the French Laundry? Of course not! Kristen of Give Me Some Food includes plenty of photos to make you feel like you are there. If you want to skip ahead to know how much she enjoyed the meal, the smile on her face in the last picture says it all.

Derrick of Obsession with Food points out the irony of a "real food" contest being sponsored by Hellman's mayonnaise and Yahoo! Food. I know people love this product, but Hellman's or Best Foods mayo tastes like chemicals and sugar to me. It's very satisfying to make your own homemade version so do give it a try sometime.

p.s. Please don't hate me for having an iPhone, it was a birthday/anniversary present and my old phone was really, really old and dying...