Monday, November 20, 2006

The Good Home Cookbook: Giveaway!

Some time ago I mentioned that the publishers of The Good Home Cookbook were looking for recipe testers. In addition to getting a first crack at the recipes, testers also got their names in the book and a copy of the book. Now the book is out and for a limited time only you can get a FREE COPY too!

The Good Home Cookbook is filled with American recipes that have been tried and tested by hundreds of home cooks. The story of how this cookbook came about is really quite interesting. This isn't a cookbook in which to find wildly new and exotic recipes, it's a solid book to refer to time and again, in the same vein as The Joy of Cooking and The Fannie Farmer Cookbook. Because America is a melting pot you'll find recipes inspired by the cuisines of many countries from Greek Baked Shrimp, to Sausage & Saurkraut Supper to Spaghetti Carbonara (which thankfully does not include cream in the recipe). I recently turned to it when looking for gingerbread cookies.

You can check out the Good Home Cookbook blog and by sending an email with your name and address to the editor, Richard Perry, you will receive a free copy of the cookbook. This offer is good through the end of November, and I imagine it is good only in the US. Get 'em while they last!

You can STILL get a free cookbook, though the publishers have reached capacity for the free cookbooks, they are running a contest for the best custom eggplant parmesan and macaroni and cheese recipe. The winners will get a free cookbook. Their name will be attributed to their recipe on the Good Home Cookbook blog and their recipe will be in a forthcoming cookbook based upon “spin-offs on the classics.” More details available on the Good Home Cookbook blog. Good luck!