Saturday, October 14, 2006

Funny posts always win me over. If you feel the same, read the ranch dressing post over at I'm Mad and I Eat.

If you haven't discovered Ryan Tate's blog Covers, head over there now. He writes about the business of restaurants and is always coming up with interesting news and insights. This week he even posted something that may surprise you about Hidden Valley Ranch...

I'd say "ranch" was the theme this week, but really it's not. Instead if you need an antidote to all that "ranchiness" consider Chez Pim's recipe for tomato confit: oven-dried tomato in olive oil. It's a nice way to hang on to the flavor of Summer (too bad the tomatoes weren't grown on a ranch!)

Finally if you are debating whether or not to head down the Ferry Building today, one very good reason to go is that Madhur Jaffrey, one of the best Indian food writers around, will be speaking at Book Passages at 2:00 pm. Not only do I rely on her cookbooks, but I have just begun reading her new food inspired memoir Climbing the Mango Trees: A memoir of a childhood in India, and am really enjoying it.