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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Food Writers Are Blogging

While the phenomenon of food bloggers turning into professional food writers is nothing new, lately professional food writers seem to be turning into bloggers. Here are a few blogs written by professional food writers that I am really enjoying at the moment.

1. Ed Levine Eats
Why? While a professional writer, Ed Levine still maintains and shares a genuine enthusiasm for food (which is what makes blogs compelling in the first place). He also writes about food that is accessible to all of us, from meatball sandwiches to tuna salad to iced tea.

2. Ruhlman
Why? After a guest stint on Megnut, this accomplished author decided to begin blogging. Here you'll taste insider buzz, news, book reviews all written by someone connected to some of the best chefs cooking in America today (Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert, etc.).

3. Roots & Grubs
Why? Seattle Times writer Matthew Amster-Burton is funny, smart and his blog is just an irreverent mish mash of entertaining stuff.

4. ChopTalk: Gourmet Food Editor's Blog
Why? Because this is the spot to get the scoop on things like the vegemite ban (make that sham), silicone potholders yay or nay (yay) and more. While the writers here are perhaps more in the chef category than writer category they certainly do a good job in both. It only began a week ago but I'm already loving it (it doesn't hurt that they linked to Cooking with Amy as a site worth seeing)

Which blogs, written by professional food writers, are your favorites?