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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Three posts of the week and a couple extras from the photo department.

From YogurtLand a post about a Turkish speciality, lahmacun, that makes me nostalgic for Turkey and my dear Turkish sister, I miss her so much! I had no idea you could make lahmacun at home, this is definitely going on my list of recipes to try.

Amuse-Bouche takes 20 teens to an Asian supermarket and even gets them to try Durian! You've got to read it to believe it.

In the comfort zone, also known as Esurientes, a class in chocolate decorating techniques results in an amazing chocolate creation.

The most scrumptious photo of the week has to be the lasagna at Cream Puffs in Venice. I love a simple lasagna where the same layers get repeated multiple times and yet the result is something delicate not heavy.

Finally for all of you who have wondered, so why is Biggles site called "meathenge"? One photo will answer your question once and for all.