Sunday, July 09, 2006

This week the food blogging world was filled with posts about Summer fruit, ice cream and sweet peas. But the theme of my posts of the week is posts from bloggers who have been missing in action lately. Welcome back!

Which is worse, skipping a meal or missing a plane? To help you make up your mind on this issue, skip over to In Praise of Sardines to read this weeks most hilarious post.

You may have heard about Incanto's head-to-tail feasts, but check out SF Gourmet's description of a Strawberry Dinner. More themed dinners are on the menu at Incanto, a restaurant on my neverending list of places to try.

Near disaster in the kitchen doesn't keep Grub Report from posting, in fact it seems to have inspired a post, with a delicious photo to boot. I'm now convinced, roasted or steamed, fresh corn is the ultimate Summer food!