Monday, February 13, 2006

Favorite Things: Madras Curry Mustard

Last year at the Fancy Food Show I discovered Dulcet Cuisine's wonderful Madras Curry Sauce & Marinade. While it was the Lemon, Mustard & Dill Sauce that won an award, I really loved the tangy but not too spicy curry sauce, a product with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. I used it on salads, fish, and rice.

This year I fell head over heels for Madras Curry Mustard. It really wouldn't have occured to me to mix curry and mustard, but why not? After all mustard seed often shows up as an ingredient in curry. As with the curry sauce, it's not too spicy and has an almost fruity flavor. It is scrumptious on a steak sandwich but I also mixed some with sour cream to make a perfect dip for crudite, not something I'd try with any old mustard. I can't wait to try it on some lamb chops with a bread crumb crust.

The Fancy Food Show represents an opportunity to discover new products that are slightly under the radar. Some products I get a taste of and others I take home to experiment with. Now that I've had a chance to play around with the mustard, I'm convinced it's a great thing to have on hand to dress up just about anything, from a simple lunch to appetizers or a main dish. Madras Curry Mustard already feels like a staple item in my kitchen, now if only Dulcet Cuisine would sell it in an industrial size tub...

Stores selling Dulcet Cuisine products can be found here.

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