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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Do Rutabagas Exist?

This is my box of organic produce, delivered today. It contains satsumas, Nantes carrots, yellow onions, red onions, spinach, rutabagas, Meyer lemons, Gold Blush apples, kiwis, lettuce, kale and leeks. Around 10 pounds of produce, maybe a bit more.

Prior to signing up for the delivery from Capay Organic, Farm Fresh to You I rarely cooked with Meyer lemons, rutabagas or kale. The only thing I knew how to do with kale was use it in soup called ribollita, that I learned to make in Tuscany. And what about rutabagas? Are they just a cross between rudimentary and bagels? No, they are most likely a cross between a cabbage and a turnip and not surprisingly taste vaguely cabbagey and turnipy. So what do I do with Meyer lemons? I promise to tell you tomorrow.

For great recipes using my farm fresh ingredients, I will be turning to Homegrown Pure and Simple a book I reviewed over at Bay Area Bites today. In particular there is a recipe for a Garden Vegetable and Potato Lyonnaise that sounds perfect for my rutabagas. While I didn't receive any broccoli or cauliflower they are both in season so you may want to try the Skillet-Browned Broccoli and Cauliflower with Pan-Toasted Garlic recipe. You can also check out author Michel Nischan's website for more recipes.

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