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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tablespoon: Restaurant Review CLOSED

Normally I only try to point my readers in the direction of worthwhile restaurants. But since I mentioned my desire to try Tablespoon as part of Dine About Town I thought I would share my experience.

First off, service was professional, attentive and friendly. The interior is much as it was in a previous incarnation as "Spoon", cozy and informal yet cool and refined. Unfortunately the consistency in the service and environment was lacking in the food. The Dine About Town menu had a wonderful starter, a smoky venison carpaccio that had a little garnish of greens and mandarins. My jerusalem artichoke soup was at best passable. It was woefully undersalted, and had an unpleasant oily taste. My entree which was described as "Braised Lamb Shank" was a lump of shredded overcooked flavorless lamb mixed with bits of mustard greens and sandwiched between two noodles. Not what I'd call a "lamb shank" and it was topped with chives and a grainy goat cheese that was just all wrong for the dish.

Lee's roasted pork tenderloin was much better, well-seasoned and served with some braised cabbage and carrots though it could have used some potatoes or polenta to round it out. The dessert included in the Dine About Town menu was a "Pumpkin cheesecake" but there was no crust. As a molded pumpkin pudding it was very soft and served with a nice huckleberry sauce. The accompanying whipped cream was badly overwhipped. In a neighborhood with tons of great choices, I was surprised at such sloppy executions in the kitchen. Sorry to say, I can't recommend Tablespoon.