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Saturday, January 28, 2006

IMBB 22 Use Your Noodle Part 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Babe in the City whips up Udon in Chinese Herbal Soup with mostly what she had in the house. Nice one.

Fanny of FoodBeam was inspired by the recipe of a food blogger she calls "the goddess of yummy healthy food" to make Sunshine Pasta. Can you guess which blogger that is?

The Part Time Pro Bono Baker is in Beijing, so it's no surprise to see scrumptious looking Rice Noodles.

Cook Almost Anything at Least Once recreates a childhood favorite inspired by a trip to Italy, Linguine with sage burnt butter sauce and sauteed Sweet Potato.

A Veggie Venture makes Orzo and Spinach a personal favorite and I can see why.

Barbara at Tigers and Strawberries makes a favorite of her family, Chicken Lo Mein with Greens and Mushrooms and even explains what "Lo Mein" means.

Asian noodles are popular in Germany too where Kuchenlatein shows us in terrific photographs, step by step, how to make an Asia Crispy Noodle Cake.

For some, pasta is all about texture, but for Delicious Days it's all about color. Check out the beautiful bright pink pasta that makes it's way to become not just tagliatelle but also Pink Curd Ravioli in Butter Brioche Crumbs.

For Green Eggs and Spam noodles bring to mind Tampopo ramen, but the ultimate decision is to make something different Chinese BBQ pork salad with shattered glass noodles. Salad, noodle and entree all in one.

Maki of I Was Just Really Very Hungry makes udon noodles, from scratch! She uses a family recipe adjusted so it can be made in the food processor. The final dish is Kitsune Udon with fresh udon noodles. Very impressive indeed!

Slurp & Burp also shows us a very detailed step by step process to make Fettucine Rapini and Lardons and in the process a way to make the most of a bitter green vegetable.

Another step by step recipe is Blog from our Kitchen, who shares Chicken Noodle Soup Asian style with homemade noodles. Check out the length of those noodles!

Weekly Dish comes up with a unique combination, Avocado and Sun-dried Tomato Fettucine, and it's got bacon in it so you know it must be good.

Chubby Hubby's recipes and photos always make me hungry and his Roast Duck Noodles were no exception. And to think this was only the fifth course of a family reunion dinner! To say I'm impressed is an understatement.

Zorra misses Summer and I do too. 1 x umr├╝hren, bitte makes Spaghetti Summer Memories with the flavors of that season, tomatoes and basil.

Necessity is the mother of invention for Alice of My Adventures in the Breadbox. Her soba recipe got a last minute switch when the cupboard revealed udon noodles. The result? Udon Noodles with Asian Vegetables and Peanut Sauce.

On her very first IMBB entry Gerda made two discoveries, one that a tart could be savory not just sweet and that at Cooking for One, using children's cookware makes a perfect serving for one of Spaghetti Tart.

All the way from New Zealand The Laughing Gastronome cooks up a traditional dish with a newfangled name, Lappardelle , can you guess what that is?

Grommie at The Power of Cheese makes a fusion of Chicken Sate and Linguine and why not? In my experience, peanut sauce is good on just about anything.

Giniann of Salt & Pepper made surely the most unusual noodle dish of all, Idiyappam a delicate rice flour noodle made for breakfast and served with egg curry or black channa curry. Yum!

Gattina is the sole entrant to not only make her own noodles but then fry them into a beautiful basket. Cool.

(click on the photos to see the post or read the descriptions below)

Brett of In Praise of Sardines couldn't resist the tiny turnips with greens and what better way to use both than with little ears of pasta, orecchiette? Orecchiete with Baby Turnips and Greens is also a healthy dish for those of you looking for good tasting and good for you noodles.

The Crazy Gaijin of Cooking in Japan blogs about that Japanese specialty that is really Chinese noodles, Ramen . It looks so good that I don't care where it comes from, where it should go is in my belly.

What would you call a tortilla filled with vermicelli, mozzarella and mixed vegetables? Notes from the Cape calls it a Mexican & Chinese Tortilla Wrap. I call it ultra creative.

Anne of Anne's Food pulled out the pasta maker to create Chocolate Noodles. Served with cream and raspberries it looks like a perfect Valentine's Day dessert.

Ilva of Lucullian Delights also pressed her pasta machine into service in her very first IMBB event. The result? Two recipes, one for pasta and one for sauce in her beautiful Tagliatelle D'erbe con Salsa di Peperoni e Olive (herb tagliatelle with red pepper and olive sauce)

It's hot in Melbourne where Esurientes made Sake Steak and Soba Noodles. While based on a recipe that called for basmati rice, soba noodles are a perfect substitution and turn it into something even more special.

Boo-licious at Masak-Masak was celebrating Chinese New Year's with family and incorporated Cold Marinated Angelhair Pasta with Abalone into a reunion meal. Abablone was a great way to incorporate some "luxury" into the dish which made it all the more appropriate for celebrating the holiday.

Nupur at One Hot Stove shared her wonderful noodle memories from college and like Giniann she also made Idiappam , but used a packaged noodle and concentrated on a spicy coconut curry stew to serve with them.

Can you believe it? A second chocolate tagliatelle recipe? This one is Chocolate Tagliatelle with Cardomom Orange Custard from La Tartine Gourmande. A very creative effort and a nice combination of flavors that are a winning match.

Sam really used her noodle in creating noodles out of leeks in her Top-a-Leekie Brunch with Crispy Spring Garlic Ribbons. A nice way to incorporate "noodles" into brunch, at first glance these look like spinach noodles, but a lot fewer carbs!

From Too Many Chefs, two noodle dishes. From Meg, Sweet Potato Pasta with Sage and Butter, this one has the sweet potato right in the dough, ingenious and I won't tell Marcella. And from Barrett a Pasta Egg, as opposed to an egg pasta, this one has to be seen to be believed!

Foodatista created a noodle with more "p's" than I thought possible. It's called Black Pepper Tagliatelle with Parsnips and Pancetta but it also has parmigiana. Heidi calls it a pasta that "bites back".

Dreka of Little Fancies shared a Slovak recipe for noodles with Four Toppings, sweet crumbs, jam, sweet quark, sweet cabbage and sweet poppy seeds. This could be served for dinner or dessert, either way it sounds like a definite comfort food.

Alberto of Il Forno promised me a special post for this event and I sure got one. A most romantic story about the power of noodles to bring two souls a little bit closer...over a plate of Tuna and Sundried Tomato Pasta no less!

McAulifower of Brownie Points is often pushing the boundaries of cuisine and she does it again with Beet and Orange Swirled Pasta. The swirls are pretty as a picture.

At A La Dilek, a recipe for Simple Su Boregi that has layers of noodles, phyllo dough and feta cheese. Very ambitious and delicious looking!

At Je Mange la Ville, one of my college favorites, Mushroom Stroganoff with Homemade Spinach Noodles. This was inspired by needing a comfort meal after some over-indulging.

Travel down the Silk Road for a very exotic sounding and hearty looking Gulya Pinkhasov's Sjurpa Lagman at The Wednesday Chef. And yes, this did come from a newspaper food section, read the post to find out more....

Discovering Hungry in Hogtown was one of the joys of hosting IMBB. In one post you'll find recipes for Bavette with Pistachio Pesto and Shrimp, Pink Spaghetti with Anchovies and Bread Crumbs and a diatribe against the latest attacks on pasta and no it's not Atkins.

Over at Hecticium a cold means Thai Noodle Soup is just the thing. A little trip to market and yummy soup quickly followed.

(click on the photos to see the post or read the descriptions below)

Spiceblog makes soba from scratch and adds a luxurious ingredient, to make Handmade Soba with Crab, Anthony recommends using dried soba to make this a quick and easy dish.

Is Absolut Pasta aka Penne alla Vodka obscenely delicious? ToastPoint thinks so and I'm inclined to agree, thought I'm not sure it will get you drunk.

Love and Cooking shares Weeknight Tomato Sauce which is just the kind of satisfying dish everyone should have in their repertoire.

The Pilgrim's Pots and Pans presented a Filipino version of noodles called Mami Style Miki as in "I want my mami!"

The Happy Sorceress includes Longevity Noodles in a Chinese New Year menu. I think the noodles are as long as this post!

Ambrosia offers up Bird's Nest Noodles. The noodles are fried to a crispy, making a nest for chicken and vegetables. This is a dish I like to order in restaurants but I doubt I could get my noodles as crispy as Aoife did.

Cooking with the Headhunter made the classic noodle dish, lasagna and did it with homemade noodles, bravo!

Linda of KayakSoup was inspired to make Homemade Black Pepper Pappardelle with Braised Lamb but with no pasta machine! Her arms might be tired but it looks like it was well worth the effort (she was too shy to repost her picture but you can find it on her post)

Over at Baby Rambutan for Chinese New Year, a husband takes over as chef and the result is Daddy's Beef and Pepper Noodles, what a lucky little rambutan!

Like to Cook makes Chicken & Macaroni Salad with fruit, veggies and cheese, I bet it would be good on a sandwich.

Undulant Fever is suffering through a cold so his noodles needed to be spicy and easy, what did he come up with? Tofu Noodles with Spicy Sardines (In Praise of Sardines take note!) the only entry so far to use tofu noodles.

At Bucaio miki noodles are pressed into service again in a dish that is not inspired by a cookbook but rather something served at the office. Lomi is a thick Filipino soup filled with "comforting things" like seafood and snowpeas.

Boots in the Oven has joined the Noodly Brotherhood and made pasta in a restaurant kitchen, the final Spaghetti alle Vongole looks restaurant quality good.

The Cape Gooseberry introduces us to "Ira" also known as sourdough starter. Pressing Ira into service our Gooseberry came up with a most unusual sounding Buttery Sourdough Noodles, how come no one else thought of that?

"What kind of food is Mahanandi?" according to one quiz, Italian! Her recipe for Pasta in Chili-Red Bell Pepper Peanut Sauce is a fusion of flavors that sounds and looks delightful.