Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Feeling Lucky?

Lots of winning opportunities this week. First off, over $4000... $10,000 has been raised over at a Menu for Hope. That's fantastic, but there are so many gifts that not everything has gotten a nod yet. Lots of books perfect for gift-giving, plenty of homemade treats and some late additions. If you haven't donated yet, take another look. Pick out the right gift and you could easily be a winner.

Speaking of treats, head over to Bay Area Bites for my interview with Alison McQuade who makes award-worthy chutney in my estimation. Don't forget, if you're in town, tomorrow is the chutney tasting over at The Hidden Vine. Do stop by and say hello.

Last year while traipsing all over Mexico I missed out on the fun of the Food Blogger Awards. This year that event is back again; make your selection for your favorite food blogs in categories such as Best Post, Best Writing and Best Recipes. If you're an avid food blog reader or even if you're not, here's your chance to nominate your favorites (hint, hint). The deadline is this Friday.

Finally the lucky streak continues this Friday when I will be posting a Julia Child post and contest with the Julie and Julia book as the prize!