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Monday, November 28, 2005

Cheap Holiday Gifts!

I am not only a cooking magazine addict. I am a cooking magazine pusher. It probably comes as no surprise that I absolutely love cooking magazines and subscribe to a whole passel of them. But I also think they make a great gift for the foodie or wannabe foodie in your life. And you can't beat the prices! For little more than the price of a single issue you get a whole years' worth. Today I'm listing the best picks for under five bucks each.

By the way I get no kick-backs for these, I'm just passing along the info -- 'tis the season after all. Each of these are for a year's subscription through my favorite magazine site, Magazine Price Search. Order soon though, the prices change all the time...

Vegetarian Times $1.99 for 10 issues
This is just crazy cheap. If you know someone who is a vegetarian or simply trying to find more interesting vegetable recipes this is a great pick. I have just starting receiving mine and have already bookmarked several recipes. I paid a whopping $3.99 and thought I got a good deal!

Saveur $4.95 for 9 issues
This is a really gorgeous magazine. I don't cook from it very often but the in-depth stories about artisan products and travel pieces are especially great.

Bon Appetit $4.50 for 12 issues
If you haven't read this magazine in a while, take another look, it has changed a lot. The recipes are WAY better than what I find in Gourmet. I turn first to the R.S.V.P. section for readers' favorite restaurant recipes.