Monday, October 31, 2005

Culinary Confessions

I'm a thief. First I snagged the concept of Posts of the Week from Too Many Chefs. Now I brazenly bloglift Culinary Confessions from David Lebovitz. But at least I give credit. That counts for something, right?

My confessions:

I have never used my bread machine

I rarely wash mushrooms

I have broken three sugar bowls in under four years

I prefer that mugs match in color or style, but not both

I hate it when recipes call for an uneven number of egg whites and yolks

I consider sour cream a staple item

I believe in the golden rule "I cook, you clean"

I love leftover pasta for breakfast

I have about six open jars of jam in the fridge (and just as many of mustard)

I think cold pizza is gross

I stockpile pasta and canned tomatoes like they're going out style

I love my Le Creuset

I believe most things are improved with bacon and fried onions

I melt chocolate in the microwave

If I drink coffee I get heart palpitations

I would love a big copper bowl for whipping egg whites

I think peanut butter with sugar in it is gross

I think mayonnaise with sugar in it is gross

I prefer whipped cream over frosting on cakes

I love shopping at Trader Joe's

I have five whisks and I use them all

I find sifting anything a bother

I often keep herbs in the fridge until they either get crispy or turn to slime

I prefer cooking alone

I have never successfully made meringue

I don't like to order risotto in restaurants because mine is usually better

If I ever ran out of garlic or onions I'd have to go out to dinner

I use non-stick pans (are you horrified?)

I wish Plugra butter came in 1/4 pound sticks instead of one pound blocks

I have no fewer than four chocolate bars on hand, just in case

I can't eat dates or lobster

My kitchen has been less than tidy ever since my housekeeper moved back to Guatemala (she moved three years ago)

There you have it, my culinary confessions. So, what are yours?