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Friday, September 23, 2005

Masa's: Restaurant Review

Recently I got a chance to eat dinner at Masa's. So I was a bit surprised when the San Francisco Chronicle reviewed what they consider to be "four star dining". Masa's was left off the list.

Unlike the Chronicle reviewer, I was "wowed" by more than a few dishes. So much so that I thought I'd write up my own review. It's online over at SF Station today.

In my review I concentrated on the positives, there really wasn't much to find wrong. Even what I might have criticized was no big deal. For example the delicious cranberry bean soup with prosciutto foam. It was the kind of hearty soup you want in a mug, not a demitasse cup and the texture of the foam was lost as a cap to the thick puree.

Here are photos of my favorite dishes from the six course tasting menu Lee and I enjoyed a little over a month ago.

White corn agnolotti with mascarpone: fresh white corn and parmesan accented with summer truffles and truffle oil

Lamb belly served over a risotto cake, tenderloin and slice of lamb "bacon" with a drizzle of curry oil

Green tea and shiso ice along with pearl tapioca

Something else I didn't get a chance to mention in my review was the fabulous cheese course, (better than at Gary Danko) and the excellent wine pairing.

It's a beautiful restaurant. If money is no object, and you are looking for a really elegant place with outstanding food in San Francisco proper, I wholeheartedly recommend Masa's.

648 Bush Street
San Francisco
Dinner Served Tuesday through Saturday 5:30 p.m. with a final seating at 9:30 p.m.