Sunday, August 07, 2005

I love the weekly "posts of the week" feature over at Too Many Chefs. I can't help but find myself heading over there every Friday to see what they've discovered. Recently Foodgoat also jumped on the bandwagon, even choosing one of my posts as a link. So I'm going to do it too! Every weekend I will post my selection of noteworthy posts.

Viv over at Seattle Bon Vivant is always discovering some new treats and sharing them in her inimitable style. This week was no exception and I plan on seeking out the Green Tomato Jam, but it was her French butter post that really made me smile--who else other than Viv would buy Normandy butter at $13.49 pound? Gotta love the girl!

Sam at Becks and Posh is signed on for the Eating Local Challenge and after a couple of days of disaster she was able to share a very successful day and some real insight into one approach to eating local that makes good sense to me. The viewpoint shared by a certain chef was that of being selective--importing things such as prosciutto and parmesan but trying to find local purveyors of other ingredients like fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. A thoughtful and smart way to approach the whole "eating local" thing.

If you haven't discovered Bunrab, you have no idea the goofy fun you are missing out on, I suggest you head over immediately and make up for lost time. This week not only were there reviews of Tommy's Joynt and Bodega Bistro two places I love, but Chubby reviewed Mangosteen a new restaurant that each time I pass I mentally remind myself I need to try...

With all the new pizza places opening in the Bay Area, it's difficult keeping up. Alder over at Vinography cut through the noise with a review and a succinct description of what makes a truly great pizza. Bravo Alder!

I realize these are all West Coast blogs, next week I will make more of an effort to expand my horizons...