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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fudge Is My Life Chocolate Sauce

One of the nice perks to blogging about food is the food. In addition to cooking at home and going out to restaurants and trying food at the Fancy Food Show, I sometimes get treated to samples of new products. If I try something and I don't like it you probably won't see me waste any space telling you about it. But if I do like it, I'll let you know. I'm not one to keep secrets. So meet my new friend, Dark Chocolate Sauce from Fudge Is My Life.

I don't buy cream very often. It's a great staple ingredient but I try to cook fairly healthy and having it on hand just seems like a bad idea. When I do have it around, I end up making things like chocolate sauce. But sometimes I want homemade chocolate sauce! What's a girl to do?

Well, I know what to do now, pick up some of this sauce in a hurry. It's just like what I make from scratch. It has cream, brown sugar, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, honey, natural flavors and salt. That's it. No artificial flavorings or preservatives. It is not a super-rich thick (and expensive) Scharffen Berger chocolate sauce that you can scoop into truffles, it is a delicious, smooth textured chocolate sauce of just the right sticky consistency that begs to be drizzled over ice cream, cake or possibly just a spoon. It is simple but utterly yummy.

Chocolate sauce is not a staple ingredient in my house either, but I don't think having a jar on hand is going to hurt anyone. I can't wait to try the Orange flavored chocolate sauce and the soon to be released Ginger flavored chocolate sauce. I'm beginning to see a whole lot of banana splits in my future...

You can find Fudge Is My Life online or at the following markets in San Francisco:

Cal-Mart Supermarketat 3585 California Street

Village Market at the Ferry Plaza

Cocoa Bella 2102 Union Street

Yum 1750 Market Street