Saturday, May 28, 2005

Capay Organic Farm Tour Spring 2005

When was the last time you visited a farm? For me it's been ages. But a couple of weeks ago I got to visit the very farm that supplies me with my organic produce delivery once a month, Capay Organic, located in the rural Capay Valley.

Capay is a relatively small, family owned and operated organic farm. You can find their produce at farmers markets, at their retail shop in the San Francisco Ferry Building, and they also deliver around the Bay Area through a service called "Farm Fresh to You". But the newest development is their online store, where you can purchase seasonal produce as well as some dried fruits and nuts.

Since one the reasons I subscribe to the service is because I want to support sustainable organic family farms, it was a treat to see the actual farm itself. Many thanks to the Barsotti brothers and their team for showing us around!

Won't you join me on the tour?

Meet up in the garden!

Nice looking garden

You knew there would be food, right?

Look! A baby tomato planted yesterday

Tomato plants stay protected here

To ensure pollination, the farm rents bees

An empty comb, don't worry, no bees!

Future crunchy apples

Future tangy apricots

Orange tree, in all her glory

Heading home, see ya next year!