Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bloggers Come Clean

Do you have any favorite blog or newspaper column that you read on a regular basis? Do you feel you know the writer through their writing? If so, I know how you feel. That's why meeting up with other bloggers is always such a joy for me.

This week I participated in two food and wine blogger dinners. One was the first get-together for the participating writers on KQED's Bay Area Bites blog. It was a chance for all of us to meet and get to know each other better. We had a terrific time, talking non-stop, sharing flights of wine and eating off each others plates. We had wine at Nectar Wine Lounge and dinner at Bistro Aix. You can read all about it from each person's perspective on Bay Area Bites today.

The other get-together was actually a send off for another food blogger, Pim of Chez Pim who has announced on her blog that she is taking a year off. This same informal group of local bloggers has met several times, we know each other from reading one another's blogs. There was lots of catching up to do as most of the group seemed to be planning or returning from trips, getting married, or changing jobs. Lots to celebrate!

The celebration dinner took place at the Moroccan restaurant El Mansour, dinner was fine, though a bit disappointing after having eaten at the vastly superior Aziza just a few weeks ago. The restaurant was a comfortable place for a big group and seeing fellow bloggers belly dance made it all worthwhile. Sorry, no pictures of dancing bloggers!

The biggest discovery came thanks to newbie food blogger Shuna, of Eggbeater, who introduced several of us to a Hong Kong style dessert shop on Geary Street called Creations Dessert that I will be blogging about next week for sure. Stay tuned!