Friday, March 04, 2005

Kitchen to Kitsch

Culinary art is synonymous with cuisine, and according to the dictionary it just means preparing food. But for many, food is art and inspires art. There isn't any type of artist that I can think of that hasn't been inspired by food. Sculptors, painters, photographers, film makers, poets, you name it. There is high art on the theme of food, such as still life paintings from the Netherlands in the 16th century, and then there is low art, such as the kitschy Doggie Diner heads.

Here in San Francisco the Doggie Diner was a popular chain of restaurants in the 1950's through until the last one closed in 1986. The huge emblem of the sad faced dachshund with a chefs hat was familiar to all who visited the City. Its demise was quite controversial with battles over whether the 7-foot fiberglass busts were to be preserved as art or not. The preservationists won out and the icon was just recently restored and resurrected to great fanfare on Sloat Boulevard.

Now there is an art exhibit on the very theme of food and drink that will include at least one image of the Doggie Diner icon. Over thirty artists will be presenting painting, ceramics, prints, photography, sculpture, collage and more at Delicious: A show of culinary art. The show runs March 2nd through April 3rd and there is an opening reception this Saturday, March 5th from 4-8 pm. How much do you wanna bet there'll be refreshments?

If you are unable to make it in person you can see photos of the work from the show here.

Studio Gallery
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San Francisco
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