Thursday, February 24, 2005

Read All About It

There have been a number of bloggers making headlines lately. There have also been several interesting stories about food bloggers and food blogging. This blog has been referenced in various publications several times, going back almost two years now. But this is the first time I can recall that Cooking with Amy has made the front page!

Of dubious distinction I am now famous for being an obsessed blogger. To those who know me personally this may not come as a great surprise. You may recall I jumped the gun back in December when I was interviewed for a story in the San Jose Mercury News. Well the story finally ran earlier this week. You can read all about it in the article Bloggers' Internet obsession. The story has also run in various other newspapers around the country including the Grand Forks Herald, The Charlotte Observer, The Wichita Eagle, etc.

That's me sipping hot chocolate at the bottom of the page. And to think you knew me way back when...