Friday, February 18, 2005

March Bon Appetit

I am a cooking and food magazine junkie. I get so excited when a new magazine arrives I usually read it cover to cover. Or at least scan it cover to cover.

This month's Bon Appetit is fantastic. There are so many great articles and recipes I can't wait to try. Here are some highlights:

Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson has written an article about pairing wine and food showing how almost every "rule" can be broken. Of particular interest she points to several red wines that work with fish and as usual gives the basics in layman's terms that will not intimidate the novice.

A pull-out guide of "where to eat now" this will be super helpful when traveling, especially if we end up going to New Orleans this Spring.

Mario Batali's recipe for Braised Beef Cheeks with Celery Root and Polenta looks so good I will be seeking out beef cheeks and promise to report back.

The Wine Braised Leg of Lamb with Garlic looks fabulous too.

A Baked French Toast with Pecans that sounds only slightly less decadent that the Creme Brulee French Toast from Gourmet magazine a few years back

A story on the Barossa region of Australia, which is where Maggie Beer the maker of the Burnt Fig Jam I recently wrote about, comes from.

Did I mention this is the Reader's Survey issue? So lots of interesting information about what trends are happening and some recipes to go along with them.

There is a fudge recipe that has caught my eye and seems like a good way to use up the Pound Plus of Belgian chocolate Lee and I received recently from his sister.

Finally I can't help being a little tickled that the same Demitasse candle that I featured in my SFStation shopping story last week is also in the "Bon Vivant--What's New, What's Hot, What's Good" section, am I ahead of the curve or what? You can check out the full table of contents online here (it says February but it is the March issue)