Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Mexico Highlights

Today was our last day in Mexico, tomorrow we return home. The trip has been wonderful and while I did not take many photos,I have many mental snapshots of delicious moments:

Swimming in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean ocean under the Maya ruins at Tulum

Savoring the most divine Mexican chocolate ice cream, bitter and lush

Catching sight of brilliant green, blue and red parrots flying through the jungle at Laguna Bacalar

Chilling down with an almost daily lime paleta (popsicle) in the sweltering Yucatan heat

Hearing the romantic songs of a Merida trio at the Park Hidalgo

Swooning over mole chicken enchiladas wrapped in delicate thin corn tortillas

Spotting a cotamundi scampering down the street in Chemuyil

I hope you have gotten a good taste of Mexico vicariously through the posts of the past three weeks.

The beautiful photos in the posts have come from the hotels we stayed at and the Mexican Tourism Board. The photos I did take will be featured in posts when I return.