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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Yesterday we went to Cancun for dinner. Well, actually our flight to Merida did not leave until this morning so we spent the night in Ciudad Cancun. The hotel was right across the street from Sanborns Cafe.

Sanborns which started out as a pharmacy I believe, is now a huge retail holding company. The original Sanborns had an adjoining restaurant and is located in a elegant building in Mexico City. It is famous for having invented Enchiladas Suizas and in my opinion they make the best chilaquiles anywhere. I have eaten at Sanborns in 2 locations in Mexico City and now in Cancun.

Chilaquiles is a dish made up of yesterdays tortillas. They are fried and kind of stewed with a red or green sauce, and often some chicken or beans. They are topped with cheese and a dab of crema. I do not know what the American equivelant is--it is not quite hash or bread pudding, but it is so rich and creamy and delicious it is irrestistable. So is Mexico.

Today we are in the white city, Merida. The capital of Yucatan, it is a major shopping hub and the central market is a labyrinth of alleys and passageways to explore and get lost in. Most unusual were packets of spices and dried herbs that I truly could not recognize. I may have to buy some just to investiage further...