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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Spa Water Recipe

I don't know if growing up living on the water or being born a water sign--cancer, has anything to do with it but I really do love the water. I love going to the beach and just seeing the ocean calms me. I am transfixed by the sounds, the feel, the look, and the motion of water. I don't know exactly why water is relaxing, but it really is.

The relaxing nature of water is something that spas put to good use. Everywhere you turn there's water--whirlpools, baths, jet sprays, cool blue tones, waterfall sounds and water to drink. Every detail is orchestrated at a spa, everything soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating. Even the beverage. If you've been to spa you know what I mean. They serve you "spa water". It's probably just mineral water but in it is some combination of mint, cucumber and lemon. It is refreshing and just seems to reinforce the whole spa experience.

So this weekend even though the Kentucky Derby dictates mint juleps, it's been awfully hot around here lately, so I'm sharing my own recipe for minty spa water instead. The best thing about the recipe is the word "muddle" which means to make turbid or muddy, to befog or stupefy especially with liquor, to mix confusedly or to make a mess of, but in the culinary vernacular to muddle is to "mash or crush ingredients with a spoon or a muddler (a rod with a flattened end)." While not quite a day at the beach, spa water is guaranteed to keep you cool and refresh you.

Spa Water
makes 4 large glasses


handful of mint
8 thin slices of cucumber
half a lemon sliced in half circles
a bottle of sparking or still water


Muddle or crush the mint in a pitcher, then add the cucumber and lemon. Pour the water into the pitcher and serve in tall glasses filled with ice. If using sparkling water you will need to serve right away, otherwise it keeps brilliantly in the fridge.