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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Even More Food Web Sites

Do you have favorite food web sites? I have favorite recipe sites, but I don't really have any favorite honest-to-goodness food sites. Places where the conceptual aspects of food and cooking are explored. From time to time I post about other food blogs that I like. And as a ritual on Wednesdays I do check out the New York Times and Los Angeles Times food sections online (both require free registration to access). There are also some interesting "communities" like the Craigslist Food Forum, Fud Court, Chowhound and eGullet, but I believe there is still room for more cutting edge forums on the subject so close to my heart--all things culinary.

I recently came across a site in its infancy called spooncore. The publisher was soliciting contributions and has an interesting take on how we think about food:

"spooncore began with an idea towards finding commonality with strangers, a pick up line, if you will, that started with the inquiry: "do you eat food?" an absurdist rhetoric with a known outcome, but also a prompt to stop and think and realize that something simple like eating can and necessarily should be thought about, deeply, in terms of pervasiveness, identity, determinism, art, color, smell, sound and movement. spoon-core is all up in that business. more importantly, it is about the awareness of fun to be had, and from thinking about old things newly."

What I post on Cooking with Amy is intended to be both entertaining and informative. Anything of a more philosophical nature may find a home on spooncore. My first article has been published there, click on "recipe for a kitchen meditation" to read it. If you have some thoughts on food that are a little more esoteric, you might enjoy the site or you may consider contributing as well.

Spooncore is no longer online