Friday, December 05, 2003

Sunflower Authentic Vietnamese: Restaurant

When I was growing up Asian food meant Chinese and occasionally Japanese. But over the years Thai restaurants became quite common. Then Vietnamese restaurants started popping up. What strikes me about Vietnamese cuisine is how varied it is. Sometimes you can taste the Chinese influence, other times you can taste a French influence. But it's all good.

In San Francisco there are many Vietnamese restaurants to choose from but one I go back to consistently is Sunflower. It's a popular place, in a happening neighborhood full of great places to eat. Actually this restaurant has two locations, one right around the corner from the other. The food is the same. The prices are very reasonable. The staff is welcoming and efficient.

Tonight we had some spring rolls, the fresh cold ones, wrapped in rice paper and lettuce leaves stuffed with rice noodles and shrimp and served with a spicy peanut sauce. Another appetizer was the deep fried pot stickers. We also had a stir-fried chicken dish with loads of garlic and tender-crisp green beans, a glass noodle and prawn dish and a luscious creamy curry eggplant with green onions. Each dish was fresh tasting--not at all greasy and with distinct flavors that came bursting through. With a beverage, tip and tax you won't spend more than about $15 per person.

Sunflower Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant
Two Locations:
3111 16th St. (16th @ Valencia)
508 Valencia St. (Valencia @ 16th)
San Francisco, CA 94110
phone: 415.626.5023