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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Mexican Food Lover

What is it about Mexico? What makes the food taste better there? This past weekend Lee's mom cooked dinner and made a delicious shrimp in garlic butter. She said it was what she cooked on her last trip to Mexico and it did indeed remind me of eating seafood in the Yucatan. A few basic ingredients, but fresh and somehow everything just tastes more intense when you're there.

I think part of the answer is that in many parts of Mexico you are not eating things that have been shipped long distances. I could be wrong. But in general I think the food really is fresher. Eating locally makes a difference. Anyone enjoying this summers fresh tomatoes knows what I mean. The best produce just doesn't last forever. It's delicate and precious. Ok, potatoes last but I've even had fresh potatoes and they do taste better than those that have been sitting in storage.

Tonight I made fish tacos so I could use up the tomatillos from the last organic produce delivery before the next delivery comes tomorrow. And so I could use the fresh corn tortillas from Trader Joes. And I made a special trip to buy fresh red snapper and I sauteed in just a little olive oil and garlic. I could have batter fried it, but I didn't. Because sometimes simple really is better.