Saturday, August 09, 2003

Skipping a meal

Yesterday I skipped dinner. This might not seem like big news to some, but in my world it's worth writing home about. The reason is, as it usually is, all in the timing. Lee had to fast for a medical test and I was fasting out of solidarity. Or laziness. I'm not quite sure anymore. In any case we didn't have our first meal until about 3pm which meant that neither of us would be hungry again until 8 or 9 at the earliest.

At 9 o'clock just as the almost full moon rose in the sky, Bjork came on stage at pier 30/32 and Lee and I were watching. If you've never seen her live, I urge you to experience it once in your life. It's like watching an elf come straight out of the forest to perform for you. Or a fairy. Or a pixie. Or an extraterrestrial being. She is pure magic. Her look, her movements, her dancing, her singing are all unique, creative and beguiling.

At the concert Bjork performed a lot of music from her latest album Vespertine. As Bjork herself says, vespers are evening prayers sung by monks, vespertine are things flourishing in the evening. The music on Vespertine is like a cup of cocoa. Warm, sensual, spiritually provocative, comforting, quiet and personal. Deeply satisfying on many levels. She also performed a fair number of songs from her earlier albums. Much of the earlier music is electronic, pulsing with energy and emotion. Like a fresh fruity sorbet it is refreshingly light yet intense, sweet and energizing.

To top it all off, the show included a firework and pyrotechnic display that even further emphasized the intensity of her music. With an evening like that, you can easily miss a meal.