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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Copper River King Salmon
Let's take a moment to extoll the virtues of salmon.

Salmon is the most beautiful color when raw and almost as gorgeous when cooked. It's good hot or cold. It's good smoked or raw or poached or baked or sauteed. According to a famous trendy dermatologist, eating it regularly is supposed to prevent wrinkles. All that, and it actually tastes good. As long as you don't overcook it, that is.

Salmon can be like a blank canvas, it works with so many different kinds of sauces or marinades. This week I took a look in the fridge and found olives and basil. I had a nice ripe tomato and a bright shiny lemon. I diced the olives, squeezed the seeds and juice out of the tomato and diced it as well. Tore the basil leaves. Added some olive oil and the zest of a lemon. When I tasted it I felt something was missing so I carefully removed the pith, then chopped the lemon in as well. The resulting concasse was summery, earthy and refreshing at the same time. Perfect on top get the idea. Would probably work as well on a chicken breast or even a piece of bread.

For dessert I found an interesting recipe for Melon with Green Peppercorn Raspberry sauce from Gourmet magazine, June 1993. Pureed raspberries, peaches and a pinch of green peppercorn served over thin wedges of melon. An unusual combination, but it works.
If you want the recipe click here